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We summarize our way of working under the term 'responsibility' and we expect this part of doing business to always be under development. There is a lot happening in the apparal industry in terms of deveopments in recycling, energy sources, new materials & consumer awareness. We are committed to following these developments and to continously work on reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring fair working conditions for our products.

Here is our take on responsibility: 

Design philosophy 

1) Product lifetime - We want our products to be loved and worn for a really long time. So the material choosen for each product should provide the comfort and abrasion resistance needed for the purpose. At the end of the day, if the comfort is not provided and the product is not used - the production of the same was not necessary in the first place. 

2. Environmental & social impact - In our first production batches we have choosen to work with the following main materials: cotton that is organically grown, recycled OekoTex-100 certified polyamid (econyl) and virgin polyamid produced under blue sign conditions. The country involved in the fabric production is mentioned in each product description for customer transparency. Generally speaking, the number of different labels on the market to signal sustainability is quite confusing for the average consumer and what these labels actually require in terms of sustainability varies greatly. We have choosen to work only with highly recognized standards. 

  • Bluesign - This is a certification that can only be achieved through passing high set criteria in both social and environmental aspects. When you purchase a product under Bluesign, you can be assured that is was produced under fair conditions and causing as little negative impact on the environment as possible. 
  • Organic Cotton - In contrast to conventional cotton, the organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO crops. A transaction certificate for our organic cotton can be supplied. The pesticides used in conventional cotton is harmful for the land, the air and the water around the area of growing the cotton. In addition to that - it is also harmful for the people involved in handling the cotton. For this reason we will only use organic cotton. 
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - this means the product has been tested for harmful substances. 

Read more about above mentioned certifications in below links:

We are manufacturing all of our products in EU, where we can be sure that business partners need to follow the laws and regulations. In addition, producing in Europe closer to our central warehouse is making it possible to avoid airfreight even when leadtime is critical. When it comes to international transport, airfreight is by far the biggest contributor to carbon emissions. 

We are also also working with small initiatives in our supply chain such as using a paperbag instead of a traditional plastic polybag. Our e-com packages are 100% made of FSC certified paper. 

3. Fit - The ambition is that each product should have a great fit for the purpose. A great example is our climbing pant which is an amazing 4-way stretch soft shell material that feels more like a second skin rather than a traditional climbing pant. There should be absolutely no restriction in the movement caused by the pants even for the most flexible climber. For the womens style, it was important to make it high-waisted for a flattering fit and the best comfort. 

4. Contemporary look - Outdoor does not necessarily mean boring or minimalistic for us. While we dont follow trends or normal retail calendars, we want to provide a mix of styles, material and colours that feels contemporary.

Thank you for reading this very important section and drop us a note should you have questions, insights or suggestions!






With a passion for creating

Mountain Tales

The name Mountain Tales sums up the essence of what we are truly about - creating memories and stories in the great outdoors. There is nothing better than going off the grid to recharge the batteries and have fun. Our values are strongly inspired by the climbing culture as we have come to know it. Respect and care for the environment, friendships across agegroups & lack of prestige.

Mountain Tales Design was founded 2021 and is based in Tullinge, a suburb to Stockholm. It's is a 100% family owned business looking to grow organically through continous developments based on feedback from the customer community.